When you visit our website to buy something or when you get registered with us, we ask for little of your Personal Information like Name, Address and Email address.

We have tools implemented on our website to track down the IP addresses of every visitor who browses through our website www.RegisClothing.com, which is also a necessity for every online portal. This helps us in knowing the browser, operating system and the country location of the visitor.

With your permission, we send emails regarding our new product launches, product information, store or other updates, to your email.


How do I get my consent?

When you place an online order at www.RegisClothing.com and put in some of your personal information, we imply that you consent to use that info for that particular purpose only - be it purchasing a product, filing a return or processing refund.

We will either ask for your personal information directly or by expressed consent along with providing you an opportunity to say no (in case it’s not a mandatory field or reason) like for marketing or any other secondary purpose.

How do I get my consent?

Due to any specific reason, you may anytime withdraw your consent for us to contact you, for the continuity of collection, use or disclosure of your information. To get this done, contact us at +91 9643718155 or send an email at info@regisclothing.com.


We reserve rights to disclose your personal information if required by law or, or in case our Terms and Conditions are violated by you.