Garment Care


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if you want your legendary Regis shirts to last for years. Since Regis shirts and garments are made from high quality fabrics, going on with some laundering instructions below can ensure many happy years of use.


Every fabric has a different washing instruction. So we suggest all our clients to see the washing instruction label attached to the garment before putting them straight for washing. The care in right manner only can lead in order to move ahead in right direction of fabric caring.

It’s advised to wash and dry the shirts inside out in order to avoid scratches on buttons and colour fading. Also, do not tumble dry as it may wear out stitching, collar and cuffs. Avoid drying in direct sunlight.


For those who send shirts for dry cleaning, prefer hand-laundering service. This will help to keep the fabric look natural and is far better than treating them to harsh chemicals every time which is done in normal dry cleaning.


Cotton shirts need proper order of ironing and are done well when slightly damp. Before starting, set the temperature dial of iron to ‘cotton’. The right order of ironing a shirt is to start from collar, then cuffs, moving on to sleeves, then shoulders. After that comes front and then back. Final touch is given to the areas to remove the extra creases appeared while ironing. Once the shirt is ironed, slip it on hanger and fasten the buttons, and let the shirt breathe a little. This will help to avoid extra creases and here you are with your crisp laundered shirt.


Finest cotton fabrics tend to shrink. It’s a natural process. But don’t worry! Regis has taken care of it as well. We cut and design each fabric a half or an inch larger than the actual size (as per the shrinking strength of the particular fabric) so that the fitting of your favourite Regis shirt remains the same after getting it laundered. We recommend first trying your shirt after receiving the order and get it laundered only when you feel that you have got the desired fit.